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Providing services nationwide, Carbon Plate Steel Products is a leading supplier of secondary steel plates. Our experience allows us to take steel and realize our customers designs for precise components and large structures. We combine our expertise and creative troubleshooting for custom projects to provide customers with carbon steel fabrications solutions of all kinds.

What is Secondary Steel Plate? We specialize in commercial quality steel plate. Our
steel plates generally range in thickness 3/16 inch to 4 inches. We even have access to plates up to 10 inches in thickness and come in a variety of lengths and widths. Our steel plates are hot rolled mild carbon shipped to us directly from the mill. These plates do not come with Mill Test Reports, but full chemistries are available and Independent Test Reports can be performed on each. We can also conduct Brinell Hardness (BNH) test for material hardness.

Most of our carbon steel plate stock is available in full-size and custom-cut lenghts. Plus, you can enjoy the convenience of pricing and ordering via phone and having it shipped directly to you.

call 216-641-2218

Main Office Address: 4250 E. 68th Street Cleveland, OH 44105. Fax Number: 216-641-2219. 

Locations: 250 US 12 East, Burns Harbor, IN 46304.
Locations: 800 Lumber Center RD Michigan City, IN 46360

Each order is processed and packaged to your exact specifications

Experienced technical support staff to assist with your needs

Rapid, on time delivery

Product and industies served

With a broad range of carbon steel plate ranging from standard stock sizes. Carbon Plate Steel Products provides carbon steel plate for a vast number of applications in structural fabrication/construction, marine/offshore, heavy equipment manufacturing, and more. We offer our different sizes, widths, lengths such as, .25-4.00 inch thick, 72-120 inches wide, 15-40 feet in length. Each plate comes with the associated chemistries. To place an order for your secondary steel plate, please request a quote online, send an email to carbonplatesales@sarecycling.com or contact our representatives directly by phone. For submitting invoices, please send to accounts payable email: ap@sarecycling.com (one invoice per email please).