Brass is a common item found in both home and industrial applications.

The most common types of brasses are yellow and red brass, however, there are many different alloys of brasses. Yellow brass is included in faucets, plumbing fixtures (sheet or fabricated pieces, and valves and turnings from industrial machining. The approximate chemistry of yellow brass is 60-65% copper and 30% zinc. Red brass is included in plumbing fixtures, valves, gears and turnings. The approximate chemistry of red brass is 85% copper, 5% zinc , 5% lead and 5% tin. Other typed of brasses include hard brass which is most commondly used as liner or gears, spent brass shells, plumbing fixtures, sheets or clips, and valves.

SA Recycling supplies consumers of brass in both domestic and international markets. Our knowledge of global markets ensures that your material will be recycled responsibly and enables us to offer the highest market price for your material.


  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Faucets
  • Brass shells
  • Decorative figurines