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U.S. Coast Guard Visits SA Port

Monday, June 27, 2011 – 12 men and women of the United States Coast Guard visited SA Recycling’s Port of LA facility. The tour, led by Captain of the Port Roger Laferriere and Captain Jenkins was certainly a planned visit to give a better understanding of what we do and how well we protect the environment. We showed the USCG team our state of the art massive 9,000 HP all electric shredder (one of four this size in the United States), our enormous electric sheer (capable of cutting steel plates up to three inches thick), our vessel loading operation, the de-poluting station (where we drain vehicle fluids and render vehicles safe for shredding), the mechanic’s area (where a touching story was shared with one of our associates was told), the employee’s break and lunch room facilities, and last but certainly not least, the storm water filtration system. The stormwater system collects water throughout our facility and filters the water with a series of pumps, storminator filters, and clarifies allowing the water to be used over and over again in the yard: storing one million gallons of water. The tour concluded with a positive awareness of what operations SA Recycling executes in the port, giving assurances to the USCG that we are in full compliance of all rules and regulations.  Once we explained the DNA of the company, where a man who changed course in his mid-life with his three young Eagle Scout sons and one daughter,  it was certainly easier to comprehend why we are so diligent on ensuring our safety and environmental procedures are precisely followed.  The US Coast Guard is the most highly respected protector of the seas in the world and we thanked them for keeping the port and our oceans free of the ills that afflict other countries.  My hats go off to the brave men and women of the Guard; “Semper Paratus”.
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