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Spring Cleaning

  We all must face the daunting task of spring cleaning, but why not make the most of it and get a little cash for all the hard work?  You may be amazed to discover how much of your old junk can actually be worth something at your local recycling center.  Washers, dryers, fridges, pots & pans, exercise equipment and bicycles, wheel chairs, BBQs, even your toaster and blender all can be recycled and bring you money.  SA Recycling will scrap anything that contains steel for you and if you are not sure, contact our customer service department at 1-800-Got-Scrap? for more information and locations.  You will surely need a game plan when tackling the dusty junk you have accumulated in the past year or more, so it is good to prepare yourself.  Click here for a helpful guide to spring cleaning your garage from  So, get to cleaning, recycling and making money!
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