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Scientific Discovery in Solar Power

Researchers at the University of Michigan have made a scientific discovery that has potential breakthrough applications in solar power.  The researchers discovered a way to make what they call, an “optical battery” to harness magnetic attributes in light.  Until these findings, scientists believed there was not much use for the magnetic components of light.  Now, the researchers at University of Michigan believe that, if found at the right intensity, the magnetic fields can become similar in strength to a strong electric effect. University of Michigan researcher, Stephen Rand, said “”Instead of the light being absorbed, energy is stored in the magnetic moment. Intense magnetization can be induced by intense light and then it is ultimately capable of providing a capacitive power source.”  What this means to the researchers is they believe that this can lead to a solar cell that does not require a semi-conductor, which would mean a reduction in costs, making solar polar cheaper.  To learn more, click here.
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