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San Pedro Marine Aquarium Honors SA Recycling

Saturday, May 21 marked the day the world renowned San Pedro Cabrillo Marine Aquarium honored SA Recycling as the recipient of their 2011 Grand Grunion Gala Leadership Award. This award has been given to companies that show community involvement while protecting the marine environment; it was presented by the President of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commission, Cindy Miscikowski.  Accepting the award was our very own Regional General Manger, Moises Figueroa.  Mr. Figueroa gave a poignant speech from the heart about all the wonderful items that SA Recycling has accomplished to become an environmental steward and promoter of goodwill. Mr. Figueroa spoke about the environmentally friendly advances that have occurred at SA Recycling.  Acknowledging our state of the art stormwater processing facility, which holds a million gallons of water and filters out particles down to the micron level, to the installation of the nation’s first Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and other air pollution control devices, including a custom made dust collector and scrubber.  It was pointed out that collectively we have become leaders and innovators in the industry, while aligning with the port’s Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP).  The CAAP was jointly developed and approved by both ports to make our port the cleanest and safest it can be.  SA Recycling received an early adopter CAAP Award last year for installing environmentally friendly machinery well before its required date. With the 25 associates and guests in attendance SA Recycling demonstrated and acknowledged the hard working staff in the port region that has made this award possible.  From our top notch industry recognized environmental and safety staff to our operations associates, where 30% of our employees in the Port of LA have been with us for 30 plus years, Mr. Figueroa pointed out he has some of the best trained and skilled workforce in our industry.  He dedicated the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Leadership Award to all the people at SA Recycling and to the San Pedro Bay Ports that made it possible. Additionally the John M. Olguin Marine Environment Award was given to former Port of Los Angeles Environmental Director Dr. Ralph Appy for his tireless efforts in promoting a clean environment while employed at the Port of Los Angeles.
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