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SA Recycling Gives SUV To San Pedro’s Toberman House for their Food Giveaway Program

Today, Monday, September 12, 2011 a goodwill jester was made by SA TI to the Toberman House of San Pedro.  The Toberman House is a non-profit community organization that offers a holistic approach to social services through three main areas of programming: Healthy Living & Learning, Family Resources, and Gang Intervention; moving individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency. One of the Toberman’s programs is to give food to those in need.  Each month they distribute non-perishable foods, mostly cans, to the community and perishable food daily.  The food is collected by Toberman Food Pantry manager Levi Wade from local restaurants and donors in the area, often using his personal vehicle to collect the donated food.  SA TI could not have thought of a better use for a vehicle that has served its useful life for SAR, with over 236,000 miles on it. Now the manager has a vehicle that he can use to increase donations to help more people. The Toberman House was very grateful for our donation as the presentation photos below show.  It was great to see Levi so happy and so dedicated to his work.  You can see the smile on his face, a proud employee, dedicated worker to the people he helps. If you get the chance you can visit their website at:
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