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Reducing Pollutant Emissions Has Never Felt So Green

A 2009 CNN report awarded California the gold, silver, and bronze medals for housing America’s top three most polluted cities in terms of ozone. Of America’s top ten most polluted cities, California is home to six, arguably taking gold for the most polluted state in the U.S.  In continuous efforts to promote green initiatives and reduce pollutant emissions in California’s ozone, the state’s Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) established the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) to financially assist qualified resident citizens in emission-related repairs pertaining to their automobiles. The BAR’s Consumer Assistance Program provides two options for residents: First, residents may receive up to $500 in emission-related repairs if they qualify by being income eligible. Second, vehicle retirement may be an option if the undesired vehicle complies with the CAP’s Vehicle Equipment and Vehicle Operational Requirements.  Owners with approved vehicles that qualify for vehicle retirement will receive a verification letter from the BAR, which permits the owner to retire their vehicle at one of nine SA Recycling yards and will be issued a check for $1,000 the same day. If one decides they want to retire their vehicle but fails to meet CAP requirements, SA Recycling has their own vehicle retirement program with only three simple requirements: First, the vehicle must be complete without missing any parts. Second, individuals must possess proper ownership documentation and registration of the vehicle. Third, the owner must find a way to bring the vehicle to a SA Recycling yard. If the owner is not able to get the vehicle to us, SA Recycling may provide a towing service if the vehicle is located within existing towing zones. Once vehicles qualify for SA’s program, vehicles are then weighed and are compensated on a tier based weight system. For any information pertaining to SA Recycling’s vehicle retirement program please call 714-777-CARS (714-777-2277) or 1-800-464-0644. Information for the Bureau of Automotive Repair and CAP requirements can be found at
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