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With a dire need to constantly create efficient green energy alternatives to sustain the world’s population and ecosystems, hybrid cars and solar panels only comprise of the surface of the colossal green iceberg our society tends to focus on. The self-perpetual green metamorphosis our society has embarked on is slowly affecting industries most people would neglect to consider. Mijanou Pham, owner and founder of Celebrity Green Cleaners, is no novice or band-wagon follower at running a green business in Orange County. In 2003, before green was officially in,  General Electric approached Mijanou and her business to embrace GE’s environmentally safe and revolutionary “GreenEarth” cleaning system. Where most other dry cleaners use the chemical perchloroethylene (perc) to clean delegate clothing, GreenEarth is a biodegradable substance which is comprised of pure liquid silicon. Since GreenEarth is essentially liquefied sand, when the substance finds itself in the environment it simply decomposes into its three natural elements: sand, water, and CO2. On the other hand, perc is highly composed of petroleum, a substance that is not biodegradable, nor is safe to use or be overly exposed to. According to the EPA, overexposure of perc has been linked to headaches, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination, allergies, as well as a variety of other health issues which include cancer. Currently, the State of California is in the process of eradicating the use of perc to improve health and environmental concerns for current residents. By using a green dry cleaner such as Celebrity GreenCleaners, consumers of green cleaning services benefit in a variety of ways. Using the GreenEarth cleaning system assists in promoting environmental responsibility, while endorsing improved personal health with the lack of exposure to perc. Consumers of GreenEarth cleaners may also benefit their wallets indirectly as well. With the GreenEarth cleaning system naturally increasing the lifespan of clothing, inevitably, consumers will save vast amounts of money by not having to frequently purchase new clothes. Finally, you are probably wondering how much more it cost to use a GreenEarth dry cleaner. To my surprise, the cost of using a GreenEarth dry cleaner is practically same as using a standard dry cleaner, leaving you with no valid excuse to not go green for you dry cleaning purposes.

With the motto “It’s ready, it’s right, or it’s free!”, Celebrity Green Cleaners has been serving citizens of Southern Orange County for over 20 years, and continues to promote green dry cleaning services throughout the community. Celebrity Green Cleaners has over five locations and was Orange County’s first GreenEarth cleaner, making them the experts of green dry cleaning. If your current dry cleaner advertises “organic” or “green washing”, be aware because this means the cleaner uses hydrocarbon to clean your clothing, which is a petroleum based product. Only certified GreenEarth cleaners are 100 percent green and safe for the environment. For more information on Celebrity Green Cleaners you can visit


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