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Car recycling

SA Recycling is dedicated to the preservation of our environment. In California, vehicle recycling plays a major role in environmental sustainability. We have custom-tailored programs aimed specifically at the correct disposal of these “End of Life Vehicles” (ELVs) for both industry and the private sector. Since approximately 65% of the average complete vehicle is comprised of recyclable metal, the effective recycling of ELVs can play a major role in helping our environment remain healthy and happy.

Our “Street Cars” program is designed to cater to the specific needs of the general public. Here's how it works: That old car you’ve been holding onto for years that’s taking up the extra parking space in the driveway or garage is definitely an eye-sore, and may have become a safety hazard for your home and neighborhood. Running or not, that old vehicle is perfect for our Street Cars program, as long as the car body is still complete and you have ownership documentation.

To simplify the process, towing can be arranged in most areas, and our drivers are fast, courteous and knowledgeable. Since we dispatch our own trucks, we can give you accurate estimates for pick-up times and, best of all, we pay cash on the spot! We have been a licensed auto dismantler in the state of California for over 30 years, so we will take care of all the DMV paperwork. We also work with other private and state-funded programs as well as charitable donation organizations to help clean up our environment by getting gross-polluters off our highways. It's easy, fast, convenient and a great way to turn that rusted, old clunker into cash and help the planet. Everybody wins!

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