Material Theft Policy

Material theft continues to be a growing problem throughout the scrap metal industry. SA Recycling is fully committed to working with local authorities and affected parties to stop the acceptance of stolen material by all recyclers. Our policies are designed to fully comply with all current laws and regulations, and we continually train our employees so they can better recognize stolen or prohibited materials.

One way SA Recycling is working to reduce the possibility of receiving material that was unlawfully obtained is to identify each seller. This process includes each of the following steps:

  • Greeting each vehicle as it enters our facility with a Gate Receiver who inquires as to the nature of the material they are delivering.
  • Creating a record of each seller through a form of personal I.D.
  • Recording the license number of the vehicle used to deliver the material (including trailer, if applicable).
  • Obtaining the seller’s signature for each transaction.

Certain types of materials are considered prohibited just by their very nature. These items may be refused unless the purchase is made in conjunction with a contract or letter of authorization. Material that deserves special consideration may include the following:

  • New production scrap or new materials that are a part of a manufacturing process and are being sold by an individual as opposed to a company.
  • Items that are often times only used by government, utilities or specific industrial purposes. Examples would be guardrails, manhole covers, cables for high-voltage lines, historical markers or cemetery plaques.
  • New materials as used in major construction or equipment and tools used by contractors.
  • Materials that are normally not accessed by the general public, such as bleachers or street signs.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) publishes theft alerts as stolen material is reported and subsequently identified. These alerts are shared with all SA Recycling employees to ensure they are aware of which materials to watch out for. In addition, they are also placed in areas of the yard where they can be viewed by the public and potential sellers.

To find more information regarding material theft you can visit Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

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